Smoothies for weight loss

Fans of vegetable and fruit smoothies can rejoice, because a well-prepared drink helps with weight loss. Diet smoothies for weight loss are freshly prepared cocktails from herbal ingredients with the addition of dairy products. Such drinks are very satisfying and act as an alternative to rolls during a snack. In addition, fruits and vegetables used for cooking have a cleansing effect on the intestines - this has a positive effect on the absorption of carbohydrates (they do not accumulate in body fat).

Making a smoothie is possible and indispensable at home, because the benefit of the drink lies in its use in a freshly prepared form. Losing weight with vegetable and fruit smoothies is not only healthy, effective, but also delicious. Here are some simple drink recipes.

What are the benefits of smoothies

As mentioned above, a smoothie is a thick cocktail, in the preparation of which vegetables, fruits and dairy products (plain yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese) are used.

The drink is recommended to drink in the morning - it helps to start digestion, as a result of which the body optimally processes carbohydrates throughout the day, preventing their deposition in fatty layers.

Among other things, smoothies have the following positive effects:

  • The cocktail is recommended for heaviness in the abdomen or constipation - it provides mild relief without irritating the intestinal wall.
  • Smoothies are low-calorie, but at the same time they can replace a full breakfast, lunch or dinner - it is beneficial and convenient for those who dream of losing weight.
  • These drinks regulate the water-salt balance of the body and saturate with useful vitamins and microelements - this gradually leads to the absence of a constant feeling of hunger. The same factor establishes the mandatory use of a drink after a workout - it is better than consuming a large amount of liquid.
  • Smoothies, thanks to the products included in the composition, help not only to cleanse the intestines, but also to remove excess cholesterol from the blood, which will positively affect the walls of blood vessels.

It is right to drink cocktails on an empty stomach - this is how useful vitamins and microelements enter the human blood faster, triggering processes to improve metabolism and blood circulation. It also promotes rapid bowel cleansing.

smoothie diet

Many overweight girls resort to the most extraordinary methods. The basis is often the use of smoothies. But for weight loss, these cocktails are used in a slightly different way.

There are the following key recommendations:

  • The drink is drunk in small sips, preferably through a straw. You can also use a teaspoon - so that the feeling of satiety comes faster.
  • If you decide on a diet with a lot of smoothies, you should only drink smoothies for the first three days - this way you can cleanse the intestines and significantly speed up your metabolism.
  • You can use smoothies as a meal replacement - this will significantly reduce total daily calorie intake.
  • On smoothies, it is recommended to go on a fasting day once a week - up to 4-5 glasses of a cocktail are consumed during the day.
  • In order to lose weight, cocktails should be prepared from low-calorie foods, low-sugar vegetables and fruits.
  • If you use fat-burning foods, you can dramatically speed up weight gain.

Fruit or vegetable smoothies are not such a factor - there are recipes that include both vegetable representatives. The main thing is the correct use, in accordance with the given recommendations. Then the diet will give a quick result.

girl making fruit smoothie for weight loss


Smoothies have contraindications for use. Of course, problems and complications will not arise from one drink, but it is strictly forbidden to use the presented smoothie method for weight loss and long-term use.

The main contraindications include:

  • the presence of an allergic reaction to the ingredients used - you can resort to recipes suitable for your own health;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • peptic ulcers of the stomach and intestines;
  • kidney and liver disorders.

If you decide to use smoothies for a diet, first consult your doctor and undergo a full examination to identify diseases that prohibit the use of a cocktail in large quantities.

Slimming Smoothie Recipes

As a rule, cocktails are prepared in a blender - it is important to grind the used products to a puree consistency. The composition can include the most unexpected products, but their benefits have an invaluable effect on the organism. It is important to consider some slimming blender smoothie recipes.

Hearty option

There is a rather hearty cocktail recipe, which is often used for weight loss - an oatmeal drink. Groats can first be poured with boiling water and left to swell for several minutes. If desired, you can use raw oatmeal - it contributes to better bowel cleansing (acts as an unusual scrub for the intestinal walls).

The preparation of such a cocktail takes place in the following options:

  • Pass 2 tablespoons in the blender. I. steamed or dry oat flakes, half a banana and 100 g of natural fat-free yogurt. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with a mixer, and if a thick mass is obtained, milk or kefir is added. You can add berries to your smoothie if you like.
  • Mix in a blender a tablespoon of cereal, ¼ banana, 4 medium-sized strawberries and half a glass of kefir. The finished cocktail is sprinkled with chopped nuts - in combination with kefir and fruits, this is an excellent laxative effect.

If the diet on the use of smoothies is tolerated hungry, then the presented options should be preferred - they can be drunk during the day for a long time, and weight loss will be effective.

vegetable recipes

The most effective is the use of vegetable drinks, which contribute to the rapid cleansing of the intestines, starting the metabolism and accelerating the metabolism. It is only important to know how to make smoothies from vegetables for weight loss, and the effect will not take long to come.

To prepare vegetable cocktails, you can use the following recipes:

  • Asparagus and celery. Celery shakes help you lose weight, while using asparagus is a satisfying drink – asparagus is high in protein and carbohydrates. To prepare a vegetable smoothie, you will need to mix 100 g of Chinese cabbage, chopped celery and water. Mix the ingredients and gradually add half the avocado and 4 asparagus cloves. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, the drink can be consumed. If it becomes thick, add a little water and mix well.
  • Spinach and banana. In a blender, combine 3 spinach leaves and half a banana. You can add a small bunch of any green salad and a little mint to the drink. Preparing such a smoothie only takes 3-4 minutes, and the result is more than rich and tasty.
  • Broccoli. Boil the vegetable in advance and cool it. To prepare a glass of cocktail, you need only 150 g of cooled cabbage, a bunch of greens to taste and a glass of kefir. For flavor, add some fragrant herb and cycle through a blender again.
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers. The usual vegetable salad can be made even more nutritious. To make a smoothie, combine a tomato, cucumber, green vegetables, celery, onion and a few cloves of garlic. Herbs may be added for taste and fragrance. As soon as all the ingredients are mixed, a glass of kefir is sent to the mixer.

Making vegetable smoothies does not prohibit the use of vegetables based on their taste preferences. Some recipes surprise with their combination of products, but if you like, bon appetit!

fruit recipes

Making fruit smoothies is easier and the result is much tastier. Here you can combine all fruits and dairy products that are consumed more in the absence of a diet. Among the most interesting recipes, it is worth highlighting:

  • Apple and milk. An apple is pre-baked in the oven, the milk is heated at this time. The core is removed from the cooked fruit, the pulp is sent to the bowl. An apple and a glass of hot milk are mixed in a blender. If you use yogurt, you get a traditional cold cocktail. A small amount of cinnamon is also used in cooking - it helps to speed up metabolism.
  • Grapefruit. Grapefruit is one of the best fat burning foods because it is often used in the preparation of slimming cocktails. To prepare a drink according to this recipe, half a grapefruit and half an orange are mixed in a blender. A glass of kefir is added to the resulting mixture.
  • Kiwi. To make a kiwi smoothie in a quantity of 2 pieces, you will also need an apple, half a grapefruit and a quarter of a banana. All ingredients are mixed in a blender. As you mix, add a glass of green tea, a teaspoon of grated ginger and the same amount of honey.

Making smoothies is easy. Here, only products that promote weight loss are mixed, and flavoring seasonings are added to the resulting mixture - cinnamon, honey, ground pepper and other flavors. During cooking, you should be guided by your taste preferences and experiment with a combination of products. In the absence of such an opportunity or desire, you can use ready-made recipes. Smoothies for a diet - tasty and effective. Girls can boast of plumb bobs for a week of a diet of 3-5 kg. You should not resort to such diets for a long time - this leads to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


  • First assessment, woman, 27 years old: "I went on a diet once, I don't know what it was called, but there we could only drink water, unsweetened teas and smoothies, itis where I started drinking it. don't sit around for 7 months already on a diet, I'm still drinking smoothies, I really liked it. First, it's useful, second, it perfectly measures a snack and interrupts sweet cravings, ideal as a breakfast replacement. So smoothies are a good thing! "
  • The second opinion, a woman, 25 years old: "I have often seen smoothie recipes for weight loss, but I did not like their composition. I do not like celery, which is stuffed in almost all smoothies forlose weight, in principle, like ginger . I taught myself to drink fruit smoothies - strawberry, kiwi, banana, apple, orange, an excellent cocktail of vitamins, which also helps to lose weight perfectly! "
  • The third reviewer, a 28-year-old woman: "Mom taught me how to drink smoothies, thanks to her for that! After all, for a whole year I have a lot of vitamins, natural ones and I don't needto buy vitamin tablets, which I constantly drank. Now I am already married and taught my husband to drink according to smoothies in the morning and in the evening, and satisfies hunger, adds strength and does not addof extra pounds. Now I'm trying to get used to drinking smoothies with cereals, but so far it's not working well, I'm used to drinking only cereal-based smoothies. of fruits.